Tuesday, July 12, 2011

MxMo: The White Trash Mimosa

For July's MxMo, Cocktail Virgin Slut is graciously hosting this month's theme: beer cocktails. And while I'm sure everyone else is fashioning a well-crafted cocktail that involves some ingenious method of incorporating beer, I'm going shamelessly low-brow.

Despite this cocktail's empty calories, obvious lack of nutritional value and convenience-food quality, the general response from imbibers is that its delicious. The recipe is simple and the ingredients are available in most major supermarkets.

As a result, many customers who became fans of the drink have returned to my bar to boast that they now make them at home. Who am I to second guess the satisfaction of a customer?

The Background

Sometime between December 2007 and January 2008, a new bar in Foggy Bottom, Washington D.C. called Tonic at Quigley’s Pharmacy won approval to serve alcohol by the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC).

But the approval was initially only for beer and wine. Spirits would not come to the bar until approximately four months later.

At the time, Tonic's management decided to create a set of beer and wine cocktails (or “mocktails”). One drink, which apparently sprung from one of the twisted minds working there, soon became an unlikely outlier. Its name seemed to come from a familiar scenario; a snarky comment that sticks and becomes the best possible cocktail name.

The White Trash Mimosa

- Miller High Life "The Champagne of Beer" (get it!)
- concentrated Tang
- ice

Glassware: pint glass

First, I'd advise mixing a little water into some Tang powder to make a concentrated syrup. Add ice to the pint glass. Add either a spoonful or a couple ounces of concentrated Tang to the glass depending on your desired level of sweetness. Fill with the champagne of beer. Lightly stir (the glass can get very sudsy). I added an orange peel for garnish. Enjoy.

Note: This post has been revised since its original publication.


  1. Nice!! Tonic at GW got its beer license shortly before I graduated.

    My only trepidation is that modern Tang uses a sugar/sucralose mixture for its sweetener, if I'm not mistaken. Check out the ingredients, if you're curious.

  2. Oh I'm sure there's some very objectionable stuff in that Tang. By no means is The White Trash Mimosa a finely craft cocktail. That's kinda the beauty of it. But it's a funny concept.