Monday, January 25, 2010

The Tamarind Rickey

I stole the idea for this drink from Dan Searing and Rico Wisner. Dan is the Bar Manager at Warehouse Theater and Rico is the Bar Supervisor at Poste Brasserie. Dan's drink is called the Rickey-Tikki-Tavi and Rico's is called the Papa Joe (both great names!).  They entered their respective cocktails into the DC Craft Bartender's Guild Rickey contest this past summer.  Here's the variation I came up with:

The Tamarind Rickey

- 2 oz of Hendrick's Gin

- Jarritos Tamarind Soda
- Slice of lime

Fill a rox glass with ice. Pour 2 oz of Hendrick's Gin into the glass. Pour Jarritos Tamarind Soda on top. Squeeze the lime wedge on top of the mixture and stir.

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