Saturday, January 2, 2010

Derek Brown on The Rachel Maddow Show

Apparently, Derek Brown served cocktails at the White House just recently (shocker! this guy is like DC's bartender laureate). Rachel Maddow picked up the story. She’s been trying for almost a year to get a menu from one of these cocktail parties the POTUS has been hosting. 3 drinks that were featured at this particular White House event which Maddow attended are listed below with their ingredients.

The Emerson

- Old Tom Gin

- Sweet Vermouth

- Lime juice

- Maraschino Liqueur

Stone Fence

- Laird’s Applejack

- Apple cider

- Fee Brothers Aromatic Bitters

- Mint

The Robert Frost Cocktail

- Sherry

- White Port

- Bourbon

- Sugar

- Orange Bitters

Stone Fence's ingredients reminds me of Veritas created by Todd Thrasher from PX which I described in an earlier post. Thrasher served up his version of a Laird's Apple Jack based cocktail with cider at the Repeal Day Ball we attended this past December. Derek's drink has mint which seems to me to be a very slick addition and probably was that "wow" factor in this drink when people first drank it. God I wish I could have been at the White House to try this stuff.

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  1. Let me also clarify that I do not mean Derek possibly borrowed Thrasher's Veritas recipe. Thrasher's drink and Brown's drink are clearly 2 different and distinct drinks. I think the Applejack/cider combo is clearly something both guys used immediately due to their keen skills and having their fingers on the pulse of DC's mixology scene.