Friday, August 12, 2011

The DC Craft Bartender's Guild Presents The 4th Annual Rickey Competition at Jack's Rose: "Don't Drink Too Many..."

Image: David Wondrich via Twitter

Jack's Rose in Adam's Morgan hosted this year's DC Craft Bartender's Guild's Rickey Competition. Each drink from each competitor could have been the winner and the finale took place in one beautiful saloon. Last year, Alex Bookless became the district's queen of the Rickey. This year, Gina Chesevani went home the champion.

A couple of personal favorites for me were Julia Hurst's Rubarbra Streisand and Alexandra Nichols' Riquitita. 

Congratulations to Gina for her winning drink, Rapture of the Rickey! She had a wonderful cocktail and continues to churn out delicious tipples.

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