Saturday, August 7, 2010

The DC Craft Bartenders Guild Presents The 3rd Annual Rickey Month Contest

With a reluctant backward glance the well-disciplined child held to her nurse’s hand and was pulled out the door, just as Tom came back, preceding four gin rickeys that clicked full of ice.  
Gatsby took up his drink.

“They certainly look cool,” he said, with visible tension.

We drank in long, greedy swallows.
When looking at the lime I can't wait to ravage it. Letting a knife strike through the middle of this produce with citrus juices spilling about is unfettered happiness. The Rickey is an excuse for happiness and The Third Annual Rickey Month Contest by the DC Craft Bartenders Guild was last Monday. 

We may have been present at The Passenger approximately fifty seconds when suddenly we had two of Gina Chersevani's Rickey Ricardo cocktail in our clutches.  Frankie of PS7s was the mixologist fashioning this beauty.  For me, the coconut soda was really a highlight of that drink, and really glided onto one's taste buds.   

Jay Gatsby could have been seen at this soirée.  And the old sport would have instantly felt relief, however brief, from the torture in his life.  Instead, the distinguished guest seemed to be "Eric On A Stick," and he did not drink much.

Derek Brown served as the host for the suspiciously terse awards ceremony (a party thrown by bartenders values time spent with one's drink).  The second place honors went to Dan Searing of Room 11 with his Lemon Balm Rickey.  Tragically, I was not able to delight in this cocktail's instance.  But I will surely and suddenly be found at Room 11 one day for a chance at the experience.  

The finalist was the lovely Alex Bookless of The Passenger for her iteration called The Root of All Rickey.  Alex has been my bartender on several occasions and there was a tickle of gratification knowing she was receiving some recognition for results to which I have been accustomed.  I'm sure that satisfaction amplified for Derek and his Passengers.  

My own honorable mention rests on Adam Bernbach of Proof for the Salty Limey Ginny Thing.  Saltiness has never occurred to me to be so refreshing.  Bravo Zulu to Alex and Dan for their accomplishments! 

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