Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"In Medium Raw you write about your attempts to make your daughter hate McDonald's. I am curious to know how that is working..."

An Anthony Bourdain AMA has been posted on reddit. Supposedly, Tony will be answering the highest rated questions on video next Wednesday after midnight EST. The video will be posted the following week. I, for one, will be very interested to hear the chef's answers.

Parenthetically, I noticed a minor discussion about a complicated moment that happens to be one of my favorites from No Reservations. Bourdain was in Haiti after the earthquake. A segment captures the chaos the chef caused trying impulsively to feed hungry Hatians. A redditor named tuftington quotes Tony's narration in the thread: 
"What happens is both predictable and a metaphor for what's wrong with so much well-intentioned aid effort around the world. Hungry people anywhere behave like hungry people. When you've got big kids and small kids, young people and old, many of whom haven't had a meal in days, in the real world, outside of the commercial in our heads, people get whacked with a belt. A struggle to keep order against the natural forces of the world, the strong against the weak."

The scene was heartbreaking but provoked some healthy reflection. It's those moments, among others over the years, that make the show stand out. 

I look forward to viewing Bourdain's AMA video response next week.

(Hat tip: Marcus)

UPDATE #1: Anthony Bourdain made a video answering the top 10 questions. It was posted but then taken down because of technical difficulties but will be back. A new post on this video will be coming soon.

UPDATE #2: the new post is up.

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