Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Oopsy Daisy

Our dear friend Laura challenged us to construct an original cocktail for what I expect to be a glorious wedding reception.  Nicole would express the spirit of the bride with a clever combination of pear, elderflower and brut sparkling white wine (itself an inspiration from other similar cocktails).  My prompt?  The fiancé, Eric, fancies margaritas and favors tequila.  I found a pivot in the past.

I will not reach as far back into the past as May 5th, 1865.  I have already covered this ground (albeit in a poorly triggered gag) when I wrote about the Tequila Daisy last Cinco De Mayo.  And besides, the underdoggish triumph in a nearly insignificant and ultimately failing Western European military campaign has close to nothing in relation to a punch that eventually became an abused cocktail.  At least, that's the twist I think I was attempting to make. 

In this instance, I replaced the soda water, which is traditionally added in the final stages of the mixture process, with Prosecco.  Fitting for the celebration of a Laura and Eric's union, I believe it adds a dry bite of carbonation that introduces the imbiber's lips to fresh and complex ingredients.  I can't claim any valient depth of thought on this effort.  Thus, the stumble of its creation inspired me to playfully name it the Oopsy Daisy.  So far, the reception has been extremely encouraging and I'm beginning to feel like I can carry a tune.

The Oopsy Daisy

- 2 oz of Patron Silver tequila
- 3/4 oz of home-made grenadine
- 3/4 oz of simple syrup
- 3/4 oz of fresh lemon/lime juice
- 1 oz of Prosecco sparkling white wine

Glassware: cocktail/martini glass or margarita glass

Pour 2 oz of Patron Silver into a pint glass.  Add 3/4 oz of home-made grenadine, simple syrup and fresh lemon/lime juice.  Fill the glass with ice and shake.  Strain the mixture into the cocktail glass (by the way I double strain).  Pour 1 oz of Prosecco into the glass and garnish with a slice of lemon rind.  Enjoy.

If by chance, I do suffer from cryptomnesia please let me know.  It is a wonderful drink and my Google searches for an original copy of this recipe yielded no hint of plagiarism on my part.  I follow Paul McCartney's example and request, dear reader, that if you know this cocktail to be originiated by another more gifted bartender, please reach out to me by email.  Thanks.

In the photo: Tonic bartender, Lauren Matthias, takes her first sip of an Oopsy Daisy that I made as her "shift drink" for working brunch.

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