Monday, July 23, 2012

Not So Simple Syrups

Simple Syrups Event August 28th at One Lounge $35

Simple syrup is just that, simple. A one-to-one or two-to-one dilution of sugar into water requires little more than one’s capacity to handle something boiling hot. Shrubs, while slightly more complex and unfamiliar, need little more than an additional ingredient.

But for bartenders and cocktailians, syrups offer an opportunity to impart sweetness as well as flavor where it’s needed. There is a myriad of syrups one can produce and number of ways to apply them that the average person isn't aware of. It’s a required skill for someone in my line of work as a bartender and booze blogger.

So Dana Onyewu (of Casa: Kitchen. Closet. Dining.) and I will be lending some expertise on the subject next month with help from the good folks at Bluecoat American Dry Gin and High West. Here’s our pitch:

Ever wonder how your bartender makes a ginger mojito taste so gingery? Or adds cinnamon spice flavor to your favorite drink? Wonder want a shrub is? (Yes, it’s a drink.) Infused simple syrups add dimension to cocktails and are easy to create.

Learn the ins & outs of infused simple syrups with a tasting of cocktails created by food bloggers Dana Onyewu & Anthony Rivera. Learn principles of flavoring pairing and experiment with syrup infusions. Enjoy food from One Lounge and leave with your own simple syrup to take home.

$35/per person includes: 3 cocktails, heavy appetizers, hands-on instruction, custom simple syrup you create and take home.

Sign up here.

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