Friday, April 29, 2011

The Menu of Music: A Response

Harness Your Kim Chi recently wrote a blog post detailing a menu of music to accompany a full course dining experience. She challenged me (ok more like... politely suggested), via Twitter, to come up with music to go with the aperitif and digestif. Very well.

But I'm going to do her one better. I'm going to match her entire menu with my own picks. However, I am also going to pair a tasty alcoholic beverage for the dishes.

Here we go...

Aperitif (I actually had no idea amuse-bouche was a one-bite spoiler. It was always just a funny sounding word to me, like "bouillabaisse" or "couscous").
Drink: Campari and tonic with a squeeze of lemon.
Music: The Dears - "Omega Dog"
I know we haven't even gotten our trousers off yet. But I'm not afraid to start off guns blazing.

Appetizer (or to you Frenchmen, "the entree")
Drink: Pimm's Cup.
Music: Broken Bells - "Vaporize"
Appetizers are fun. And so is James Mercer. Seriously, I met him in Baltimore after a show at Ram's Head Live! and he was rad.

Main Course 
Drink: Racer 5 IPA.
Music: Little Dragon - "Feather"
You want meat? I'll give you meat. You want umami? I got your umami.

Drink: Ramos Gin Fizz. The secret to this one is you got to take the spring off the strainer and throw it into the shaker. When shaken, the spring acts like a whisk to the cream and the egg. Mixes quickly and nicely.
Music: Born Ruffians - "What to Say" 

It's got sprinkles. 

Drink: The Macallan 10 year Sherry Oak (cask strength).
Music: Erykah Badu - "I Want You" 

Don't worry, Erykah will get you home and put you to bed. And you just might wake up the next morning with no pants.

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