Friday, December 3, 2010

The Adrian Peterson of Bartending

Once, when I was working at Romano's Macaroni Grill, a manager posted literature in the office ostensibly for the employees to read.  I can't quite conjure the title.  However, the message went something like: think of yourself as an athlete when serving tables.  Essentially, it equated the physical and mental challenges of service with those of sports and athletics. 

Presumably, the grueling hours of serving/bartending are much more endurable if one imagines that he or she is Terrell Owens or Frank Gore.  If I were a psychiatrist, I would probably call it something like projection of athleticism. 

Anyway, an article in the New York Times by Robert Simonson reminded me of this concept.  Simonson focuses on the emergence of mixology injuries.  I can't resist a slight incredulous chuckle at the concept.  But then again, I wish I had thought of the story idea myself.

(hat tip: Josh)

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