Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Rusty Root

So I brought my bottle of ROOT liqueur to Tonic with me.  I've been playing with a concoction quite a bit by now (as you can see from a few posts ago) so I had a drink ready for people to try.  Lucky for me, a bunch of my friends made it to the bar to booze it up. 

The drink was a hit.  It was limited only by the fact that we only had enough in the bottle to make approximately 8 drinks.  Here's the recipe for it.  I'm not totally sure someone hasn't already come up with this.  My inspiration was Dark & Stormies.  I call this the Rusty Root.

The Rusty Root

2 oz ROOT liqueur
Gosling's Ginger Beer
2 limes wedges

Glassware: pint glass

Squeeze one lime wedge into a pint glass and drop in.  Fill the glass with ice.  Pour 2 oz of ROOT liqueur into the glass.  Pour Gosling's Ginger Beer on top.  Squeeze the other lime on top and mix.  Enjoy.

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